The Whole Life Challenge: Ready, Set, Go!

January 9, 2017

Good news alert! The Valkyrie community will be participating in the Whole Life Challenge (WLC). What exactly is the WLC? It’s an 8-week online based healthy living game that encourages participants to practice healthy habits for nutrition, exercise, mobilization, sleep, hydration, lifestyle, and reflection. When you sign up, you will receive tailored information on healthy living, access to articles, support from other participants, and practice consistency with healthy habits.


The WLC views life as a circle which represents all the time you have. Inside the circle, important things in life  such as family, work, school, friends, and social events are tended to. Often times, a person feels that they don’t have the time to dedicate to health and fitness.

The WLC challenge believes that if you shift that thought about health and fitness, you can surely make time for it. They suggest to view health and fitness as the whole circle, as opposed to trying to squeeze it in your life. All of the important aspects of your life will still be included in the circle. The only difference is that health and fitness will not be squeezed in but a vital part of your life as well. It’s about changing one’s mindset about not having time for health and fitness to finding a way to include it in their daily lives through routine and practice.

For more of this concept, take a look at the video from the WLC website here!

The first day of the challenge begins Saturday, Jan. 21st but you can join up to Jan. 27th. The challenge costs $49 to participate. Click the link to register: Join the Challenge! Once you sign up, every day for 8 weeks, you will score yourself on each of the daily habits. Based on what you want to improve for each habit, you will give yourself points based on what you did for that day.

Don’t forget to join Team Valkyrie when you sign up so you can be part of our online group. Tell your friends! Even if they’re not a CrossFit member, they can definitely join the challenge. The more support, the better!

Important Dates:

Saturday, Jan. 21st: Kick-off Workout at CrossFit Valkyrie (learn how to register, the basics of the challenge, and have all your questions answered!)

Saturday, March 18th: Final Workout

Friday, March 24th: Wrap-Up Celebration

More details about the events will be shared very soon so be sure to check our Facebook page.

Remember Valkyrites: “You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to start.”– WLC


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