Fresh thoughts from Lady Lisa:

Sometimes I construct barriers to my progress.  “I should workout”, while true, is not very motivating.  What motivates me is how accomplished I feel after showing up to workout, and how satisfied I feel when I push myself through discomfort and struggle, and how fun it is to do this with a bunch of folks, and the fact that it is self-care, and it works better on the ptsd and depression than anything else.  And it makes me happy.  And I think all of you are smart,  sweet and lovable and supportive. These are all great motivators, and they are all wrapped up in “should”, and so the way I connect to those nourishing things is by asking myself:

What if you are motivated, not by should, but by something else?

What is that something else for you?

How ’bout next time we meet at the box, you tell me, and I’ll tell you?

Today will be different.  I like that.


Happy Thursday, Valkyrites! Come February, we have a lot of fun things going on and we want to keep you all updated on what is in store for you!

Firstly, we know many of you requested the daily workouts to be posted on ZenPlanner so that if you happen to miss a class, you can do the WOD on your own time. We are currently working on putting all of January’s workouts in and from here on out, we will make sure to keep things updated for you!

Also, We have open gym three times a week so make sure to take advantage of that and come work on your #IWillChallenge and get any other missed workouts in!

February 21 at 7pm, Kettlebell Kitchen is coming back! We will be canceling the 7pm bootcamp for that day but every other class will still be open.

Reebok games 2017

The 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games are starting up February 23 and will take place in a new venue after seven years at the StubHub Center (formerly Home Depot Center) in Carson, California. Registration for the Open started January 12, 2017, and will continue through the entirety of the Open (which ends March 27). To be a valid competitor, however, you will want to register and submit your score on Open Workout 17.1 before 5:00 p.m. PT on Monday, February 27. For more information on how to register, click the link below:


Lady Lisa has some new wise words of wisdom for us this month about how she continues to go to the gym when she is lacking the drive to get up and just go! She says:

Dear Valkyries,

I am really proud of myself today that I chose happiness over a funk. Like, I was headed into a funk that made me tired, complacent, and not wanting to show up at the box. But I remembered my promise that I will do things differently, that I will choose the good stuff over the funk, and the first thing is to trust going to the box, hitting that good and healthy vibe. I have to trust aligning myself with that.💗

Today will be different.

(mic drop)

💗 Lisa

September 22, 2016

First and foremost, I hope everyone who attended our post 6-week challenge outing last night enjoyed it! A special congratulations to all of the 6-week challengers for enduring this challenge and coming stronger and more confident!


Lady Lisa is back and has more wise wisdom for us! Yay!

From Lisa–

“My work is all about recovery from trauma for myself, and using the lessons and gifts from that to support others recovering from trauma.

The recovery model teaches us that it’s an on-going process that can be tough, but has the greatest rewards for life. PTSD is a normal and natural response to trauma, not a mental illness to be treated or cured. Recovery means using the gifts that PTSD gives me to heal.

The practice of pushing through and tolerating the discomfort of a workout at CFV teaches me to tolerate and push through the discomfort of grief, rage, anger, fear, anxiety, panic. All those hot, sharp, jagged, and abrasive feelings have loving messages of guidance and healing. When I sit with the discomfort of hard fearlessfeelings, and embrace my shadows, I reap the rewards of the greatest treasure in the world: an endless abundance of unconditional love and support. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Tolerating discomfort.

Turns out, I’m my own best friend, and because of that, I can give that unconditional love and support to others with strength and confidence. I live to raise others up. It makes me happy. I also have joy, and I can trust myself to handle anything.

I love hard, and I’m fearless. Crossfit Valkyrie supports me in that.”