Happy Spring, Valkyrites! (Or so we thought.)

Though the weather has been up and down every single day, don’t fret! We have some exciting events coming up this month so make sure to sign up on ZenPlanner to save a spot!

Indoor Ruck WOD: Tuesday April 11th @7pm – The indoor ruck is back! Bring your weighted pack! Very similar to the bootcamp class, but with a weighted ruck. If you don’t have a ruck, you can still attend the class. If your new to this ask a coach to catch you up!

Friends & Family Night: Tuesday April 18th @ 7pm- Back for ONLY 3 Tuesdays. Start spreading the word & bring a loved one for FREE to the 7pm bootcamp class.

Women’s WOD & Wine Night: Tuesday April 25th @ 7:45pm- Sorry gentlemen, this one’s for the ladies only! All female members are encouraged to come with a friend or family member and a bottle of wine! This is a bootcamp style WOD for any level and/or age group. MaroonTank_WhiteInkThis year we are making it extra special by offering a ladies WOD tank to go with the occasion! Deadline to purchase is April 10th, so get your order in now . You can click here to purchase through ZenPlanner.

To shop all other apparel, click here:

Outdoor Ruck: Saturday April 29th @ 9am-11am- Location TBD week of event. Expect some trials and some fun! Bring a weighted ruck and plenty of water.

Just like CrossFit Valkyrie, Ruckers are a tribe and rucking is a way of life. A community and a movement of people in cities, suburbs, and neighborhoods all over the world leading physically and socially active lives, together. We’re committed not only to our own betterment, but also to the betterment of those around us.


There are many GoRuck events taking place in this next few months so make sure to check out all the events! (WestPoint and Light GoRuck coming up in June!) There is a 25% gear discount code (CFVALKYRIEGEAR) Please keep this code internal to your members. In order to keep this code active, you will need to purchase at least $300/month. It is set to expire on 4/15/17. Also, there is a 35% discount off all events (CFVALKYRIE35).

Next week, we will be informing you on the pull-up challenge we are holding. Since many of your #IWillChallenge’s are regarding pull-ups, the pull-up challenge will be meant to help support one another and practice together the first 30 minutes of the open gym’s on Sunday’s. We want to encourage everyone to take advantage of open gym and achieve your goals!

February 2, 2017

Let’s be honest here, a huge part of CrossFit is rowing.

Rowing rowing rowing rowing. That is probably the most used word in my vocabulary at this point in my life. Though it’s a great workout to strength your legs, core, back and arms, it can be a doozy to get through it. So what can you do to row the maximum amount of calories and the most meters without wanting to keel over and die?

Well, here are a couple tips to help you! To conserve energy use these tried and true concepts:
1. Learn to relax on the recovery phase of the stroke.
The recovery is the transition from the back of the stroke (the finish: where the handle is near your chest) to the front of the rower.
Contrary to some beliefs, this is not a stop and pause point. Instead, as you finish the stroke close to your chest, immediately and quickly push your hands towards your feet. Next close your hips. Finally, and make sure this happens LAST: let your knees bend.
Now, here’s how you are able to relax. Avoid pulling yourself forward with your legs, rely instead on the forward momentum you created by pushing your hands away quickly and then let your legs relax as the knees bend.
2. Quick, explosive catches will shave seconds off your split.
The catch to this is the phase of the stroke where you transition from the recovery to the drive. Any lag time here slows the flywheel while you wait. In turn, you spend more energy than necessary getting the flywheel up to speed—and flywheel speed equals power.
On the other hand, if you transition seamlessly from the recovery into the drive by driving your legs down quickly and powerfully, you’ll notice a positive impact on your time. Yay!

Keep your arms and hands as relaxed as possible. Between them they make up a very small percentage of your power output, avoid spending unnecessary energy by gripping too hard or pulling too early.

entreno con remo

As one CrossFit coach, Mike Burgener says, “When the arm bends, the power ends.”


Reminder: we have open gym three times a week and have amazing coaches who are waiting to help you achieve your goal for the #IWillChallenge so we hope to see you there!

January 19, 2017

After seeing many people’s results for the #IWillChallenge, there was one reoccurring end result members desired to achieve in the year 2017: Pull-ups. Whether it’s being able to do 1 strict pull-up or 10, this spiked the coaches interest.

How can they help you achieve your goal?

Though the coaches are constantly collaborating and working hard to find ways to help their members accomplish their daily and yearly goals, a big part of what helps them do so is your communication!

“Help us help you!” pullups

So as they continue to work towards finding new and fun ways for you all to learn strict pull-ups, here are a few ways I found that seem to be efficient ways to build your way up to gaining your goal.

As an Austin native, Coach Jessica Estrada, has always revolved around competitive sports, CrossFit being no exception. As a part of CrossFit Jääkarhu, she says her intention is to bring awareness and harmony to athletes and their audience.

She lists a 4-part tutorial on how to achieve strict pull-ups; starting small, but thinking large.

Included in the link above is a video tutorial along with a description list of each step.

1. PVC+bands

2. Squat Rack+Bent Knees

3. Squat Rack+Straight Legs

4.The L-Sit


Remember, Whole Life Challenge begins this Saturday, January 22 so if you are interested, talk to any coach about the process of signing up!

The Men’s 6-week challenge begins the last week of January so if you know anyone who is interested, please don’t hesitate to drag them into the box! This is our first time doing the 6-week challenge for men so we are excited and would love to bring in as many people as possible to be part of our gym!