Our team tries everyday to push everyone in our community to achieve their fitness goals so they can do extraordinary things (at work and in life). It’s our pleasure to meet you.



Head Coach, General Manager

Zoey started her fitness journey early in life and she remembers it well! What felt like minutes after enlisting in the Army at 17, her commander loudly explained to the whole unit that “they better be ready to train at a high intensity” and her first CrossFit-style workout was underway. Immediately she fell in love with everything fitness-related. She was enamored with the process of programming workouts and all the ways of quantifying athlete progress. Most importantly, she cherished the relationships she made and camaraderie she felt during her 6 years of service. After leaving the military, joining the CrossFit community was a natural and perfect fit which allowed her to continue with the group workout dynamic and build incredible and lasting friendships.

Zoey quickly made the move from athlete to coach, which for those that know her is no surprise. She sets clearly defined goals, then achieves them. Her passion rings true (and LOUD!) in all of her classes, and it’s clear from the moment a session starts that athletes should be prepared to work. With a special focus on Olympic Lifting and skill work, athletes of all shapes, sizes and abilities take something away from each class. To know Zoey is understand what it means to “do what you love.” She truly cares about the health and progress of all of her athletes, and has a blast helping them reach their goals.

After coaching for about 3 years at Bear Mountain CrossFit, Zoey is now a full time coach and general manager at CrossFit Valkyrie. As if this wasn’t enough, Zoey is also embarking on an almost four-year journey to obtain her Doctorate in Physical Therapy!


CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coach
USAW Sports Performance Coach
LWC Referee (Obtaining)
Keizer M3 Certified Indoor Cycling
CrossFIt Spot The Flaw
CrossFit Scaling
Best of Westchester 2018 Winner Best Functional Fitness Coach
Athlete on Team Connecticut Weightlifting, 2nd Place (90kg Weight Class) 2018 Northeastern States Open, 3rd Place (90kg Weight Class) 2018 New Haven Open, 1st Place (75kg Weight Class) 2018 Connecticut Open, 1st Place (81kg Weight Class) 2019 New Haven Open




Scarlett’s favorite athletes to work with are the one who don’t think of themselves as “athletes”… yet.

Having spent a majority of her life as a competitive athlete herself (including assorted sports but most notably Grand Prix show-jumping), as an adult she found Crossfit to be an outlet for both staying physically fit and active as well as for satisfying her admittedly competitive nature. Furthermore, as a type 2 diabetic, Scarlett was able to learn and use the culture of Crossfit and it’s teachings (in nutrition and in fitness) to come off of and stay off of medication. It seemed to her a natural evolution that she took the next steps to pursue coaching in the effort to share what she learned with others.

A voracious appetite for education, aside from the main certifications listed below, Scarlett has made it a point to immerse herself in staying up to date on new teachings or ideologies of different aspects of training, as they are made available. Recently, those have included attending seminars with Active Life Rx, Kelly Starrett, Andrea Ager, etc.


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)
CF-L1, CrossFit Judge’s Course
CrossFit Scaling Course
CrossFit Spot the Flaw Course
Outlaw Way Olympic Weightlifting
ActiveLife Performance Care Coach (Movement Screening)
Concept 2 Trainer (Rowing)



Cait grew up in Patchogue, New York and ended up at Mercy College on a softball scholarship in 2009. Half way through her last season with the Mavericks she broke her collarbone and her softball career was unfortunately cut short. Cait picked up distance running, but soon became bored and craved some sort of competitiveness that was earlier satisfied through sports teams. In 2013, she took her first Crossfit class which consisted of overhead squats, and half of “Murph” and was hooked.
Soon after Cait met her husband John, and part of their first conversation was about their “Fran” times – little did she know that moment would suck her into Westchester forever.  After spending 4 years in Columbus, GA where John served with the 75th Ranger Regiment, the family is finally residing back in Westchester with their 2 year old son Jack (future Rich Froning), and impatiently awaiting the arrival of their little girl Grace (30 C&J for time!) in January. During both pregnancies Cait continued to CrossFit, using scaling options when needed. She is looking forward to the second comeback!
One of Cait’s favorite movements is pullups and loves workouts like “Murph” because, America. She also enjoys meal prepping for her and her family, because winners are made in the kitchen. Cait truly considers herself blessed to have found Crossfit and the Valkyrie community. Crossfit has made Cait a better wife, mom, friend, and person, and it brings her joy to share and facilitate that with our Valkyrie members. BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU!


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
CrossFit Dumbbell Course
Recovery and Sleep Certification




Devon first found Crossfit in 2010 when a college friend told him about a workout named “Cindy.” After being crushed by such a ‘simple’ workout he knew his life had been changed forever. He fell in love with the sport and hasn’t looked back since. Starting with an on-ramp in NYC and making his way through Westchester, Devon has since trained at various boxes in the Greater NYC area before eventually finding a home at Crossfit Valkyrie.

He obtained a Crossfit L1 trainer certificate in 2014 and has attended multiple Olympic weightlifting seminars. He is passionate about weightlifting and gymnastics and loves coming to the gym to help our members achieve their fitness goals.


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)
Crossfit Weightlifting Certificate 
Crossfit Law Enforcement Application
Attitude Nation L1 Weightlifting Certificate




Sandra has always lived an active lifestyle from an early age on.  From riding bikes in the neighborhood, to high school basketball, to mountain biking in college, to running (several) marathons, to completing triathlons, and lifting some dumbbells in between.  One day a co-worker suggested trying a CrossFit workout since it would fit my type of fitness level and the rest is history. Sandra has been doing CrossFit for about 3 years now. She loved it so much that she went on to get her L1 and was super thrilled to join the coaching team at Valkyrie.  As a full-time scientist and mother, having CrossFit as an outlet for working out with a community helps balance work and life.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)



Founder, Co-Owner


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)
CrossFit Olympic Weight Lifting
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Movement & Mobility




Kent is a Westchester native, growing up in the northern part of the county. While living in Manhattan after college, Kent’s brother-in-law recommended checking out a CrossFit class and the rest is history. After 4+ years in the community, Kent completed his L1 and began his coaching apprenticeship under our head coach Mike.

He is a true believer in the core philosophy of General Physical Preparedness. A finance guy by day, Kent loves how CrossFit gathers and uses real and measurable data to quantify progress. His favorite part of the CrossFit’s 100 word method is “regularly learn and play new sports” which he believes is a piece many in the community forget!

Outside of the gym, he spends his time skiing, snowboarding, SUPing, surfing, hiking, playing guitar and trying – and mostly failing – to be as awesome as his wife and his two daughters.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

From All Walks of Life

We love that our coaches and staff come from all walks of life. Their individual experiences and perspectives only serve to enrich the experience here at CrossFit Valkyrie. If you are looking to train for a specific event or skill, please feel free to tell your coach and they will work with you to train for your success!