Lady Lisa’s Back For More

September 22, 2016

First and foremost, I hope everyone who attended our post 6-week challenge outing last night enjoyed it! A special congratulations to all of the 6-week challengers for enduring this challenge and coming stronger and more confident!


Lady Lisa is back and has more wise wisdom for us! Yay!

From Lisa–

“My work is all about recovery from trauma for myself, and using the lessons and gifts from that to support others recovering from trauma.

The recovery model teaches us that it’s an on-going process that can be tough, but has the greatest rewards for life. PTSD is a normal and natural response to trauma, not a mental illness to be treated or cured. Recovery means using the gifts that PTSD gives me to heal.

The practice of pushing through and tolerating the discomfort of a workout at CFV teaches me to tolerate and push through the discomfort of grief, rage, anger, fear, anxiety, panic. All those hot, sharp, jagged, and abrasive feelings have loving messages of guidance and healing. When I sit with the discomfort of hard fearlessfeelings, and embrace my shadows, I reap the rewards of the greatest treasure in the world: an endless abundance of unconditional love and support. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Tolerating discomfort.

Turns out, I’m my own best friend, and because of that, I can give that unconditional love and support to others with strength and confidence. I live to raise others up. It makes me happy. I also have joy, and I can trust myself to handle anything.

I love hard, and I’m fearless. Crossfit Valkyrie supports me in that.”



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