January 19, 2017

After seeing many people’s results for the #IWillChallenge, there was one reoccurring end result members desired to achieve in the year 2017: Pull-ups. Whether it’s being able to do 1 strict pull-up or 10, this spiked the coaches interest.

How can they help you achieve your goal?

Though the coaches are constantly collaborating and working hard to find ways to help their members accomplish their daily and yearly goals, a big part of what helps them do so is your communication!

“Help us help you!” pullups

So as they continue to work towards finding new and fun ways for you all to learn strict pull-ups, here are a few ways I found that seem to be efficient ways to build your way up to gaining your goal.


As an Austin native, Coach Jessica Estrada, has always revolved around competitive sports, CrossFit being no exception. As a part of CrossFit Jääkarhu, she says her intention is to bring awareness and harmony to athletes and their audience.

She lists a 4-part tutorial on how to achieve strict pull-ups; starting small, but thinking large.

Included in the link above is a video tutorial along with a description list of each step.

1. PVC+bands

2. Squat Rack+Bent Knees

3. Squat Rack+Straight Legs

4.The L-Sit


Remember, Whole Life Challenge begins this Saturday, January 22 so if you are interested, talk to any coach about the process of signing up!

The Men’s 6-week challenge begins the last week of January so if you know anyone who is interested, please don’t hesitate to drag them into the box! This is our first time doing the 6-week challenge for men so we are excited and would love to bring in as many people as possible to be part of our gym!

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