Flashback Friday Anouncement

March 30, 2017





17.5 is a wrap! Congratulations to all who completed The CrossFit Open!  For many it was a first time experience, and we applaud you! Many of us walked away with PR’s and even learned a few new things about ourselves. Whether it was pushing your strengths or confronting weaknesses, or realizing how to break down a WOD it was a great experience all around.

17.5…Bam! One thing we can all agree on, is that it’s not an open without double unders! We all knew double unders had to make an appearance!  Some breezed through like a walk in the park, others whipped themselves crazily or were spinning singles.  Regardless how you approached the double unders, rx or scaled, 17.5 did not disappoint.  It was a shoulder buster, a quad killer, and a heart pumper, especially if you didn’t take rests.If you were new to CrossFit you may have thought this was going to be an easy one. If you’re an experienced crossfitter than you knew better- whenever it looks easy it’s too good to be true! Every athlete’s strength, endurance, and mental capacity was tested. It brought us together; cheering, encouraging, and pushing each other beyond limits. Below are just of few of those moments captured forever in time.

The Valkyrie Staff would like to thank everyone for their participation.  Without you, none of this happens.  Every ONE of you contribute to our great community that continues to forge greatness within these walls and within ourselves.

FB_IMG_1491064457837Thank you for support!

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