Congrats to our Challengers!

July 14, 2016

Last night, we had our final Whole Life Challenge Event. If you don’t already know, WLC is an 8-week online-based healthy living game that encourages participants to practice key healthy habits around nutrition, exercise, mobilization, sleep, hydration, reflection, and lifestyle changes. Participants get points based on their logged healthy habits for each day.

20160712_203004With that said, we would like to congratulate all of our participants for taking on and enduring this challenge! While
we were all in this together, there are a few individuals who really stood out:


Marina Maiuri- “Overall Winner” with
the highest points and 100% attendance.

Renee Patterson- “Biggest Loser” losing a total of 4.5 inches.

Rachel Cook- “Most Improved RX Workout” shaving 3.04 minutes off her time.

Keep up the good work and never give up on yourself!

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